Jon Shea

I hopped out of my car seat and walked into Crossway for the first time back in 1991. I was six. I didn’t know Jesus yet. My parents joined the church that fall. Over the next few years, God used their faithful parenting and gospel conversations to save me at an early age. As I grew up here, God used the pastors and members to shape my understanding of who God is, what He has done in the gospel and what it means to follow Christ.

When I graduated high school, I decided stayed in town for college. I attended UNCC to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science. I jumped into M28, the college outreach ministry that Crossway had started a few years earlier. College was a transformational time. In 2006 I graduated with a deep love for Christ, the local church, and the lost. After graduating, I interned with M28 to explore pastoral ministry. I then pursued a call to ministry, attended the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s college to be trained and in 2010 I came on staff as a pastor and the Director of M28.

My Hope for Crossway

For us be a church that is wholeheartedly devoted to Christ, deeply committed to one another and joyfully passionate about Christ's fame and other’s joy in Charlotte. It’s an absolute joy to pastor the church God used to shape me. My wife Laura and I love this church and it’s a privilege to live life with these people and raise our three boys here!