Growing in Our Love for God

Sunday Morning Classes

Before the service on Sundays from 8:30-9:30 AM, we hold classes to provide a context to further equip and grow in understanding of biblical truths in order to live well as disciples. A variety of classes are offered to better understand the Bible, theology, church history, the Christian life, church life, cultural engagement, and being on mission. Teenagers and up are welcome to attend. Come join us as we study God’s Word and learn how to be disciples.

Beginning in September:

God’s Empowering

What are spiritual gifts?
How are the gifts used today?
How is the Holy Spirit involved?

Looking for clarity on any of these questions? Join us as we study God’s Word to see what it says about the work of the Holy Spirit through the spiritual gifts. Our Sunday Morning Classes are a great context to learn and grow together while asking questions along the way. Below is an overview of the class and link to register.

Class Overview:
9/2 The broad work of the Holy Spirit: A necessary prelude to understanding spiritual gifts
9/9 Baptism in the Holy Spirit: A biblical and historical look at a much-debated topic
9/16 Break: No class
9/23 Are gifts for today? And what it looks like to eagerly desire gifts at Crossway
9/30 Gifts of prophecy, tongues and healing review and Q&A

Class Details
When: 8:30-9:30 AM, Sundays, September 2-30 (4 weeks)
Where: Room 111 (downstairs)
Teacher: Mickey Connolly

Beginning in October:

Old Testament Class II:

Join us for the second part of our four-part Old Testament course. Whether you attended the first class on the Pentateuch or not you, are invited to come learn about the five poetic books of the Bible: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Songs of Solomon.Over the course of four weeks, we will look at the type of literature these books are, when and why they were originally written, how they fit into the whole Bible and much more. Our hope is that over the next year we will grow as a church in learning about our Old Testament and be more equipped to know God. Outlines will be provided, so grab your Bible, a pen, a friend, and join us on October 7th.

Class Details
When: 8:30-9:30 AM, Sundays, October 7 - 28 (4 weeks)
Where: Room 111 (downstairs)
Teacher: JJ Pyche

Please RSVP to save a seat and to ask for childcare. Use the Crossway Connect App or contact the church office.

Weekend Courses

Registration Closed:

Redemption Groups

An intense small group setting where participants experience the love of God shining into some of life’s darkest areas of sin and suffering. Redemption Groups opens with examining Exodus, the story of God bringing the Israelites from slavery to freedom. Afterwards is a time for breakout groups designed to point participants to Christ as our Redeemer in our current life struggles. Transparency, honesty, and authenticity are highly encouraged and modeled. The hope for those who participate in RGs is that they experience the love of Christ and His people in fresh, transformative ways leading to spiritual renewal and revival.

The course is offered annually and held each time over two weekends.

When: August 2-4, 9-12
Registration: Closed

Future Class:

Gospel Care Training

A training course designed to help develop the major skills needed to counsel, care, and disciple others effectively with specific truths of the gospel in loving ways. This is the foundational course for all ministries related to care and discipleship.

The course is offered bi-annually and held over a weekend.

When: TBA
- Thursday 7-9:30 PM
- Friday 7-9:30 PM
- Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM
Where: Room 111 (downstairs)
Teacher: Jeremy Oddy

Registration: Opening Closer to Start Date

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